Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

Start Now or Never

The main idea is like Elvis Presley song, "Now or never" who become a popular song in 1960. Who want to be a popular? Popular is become a magnet for all people in the world, specialy in Indonesia. Become a popular is one of the huge desire, popularity can make it different, popularity makes a new idol.

Many television programs offer people to become of the top. Singing, dancing, magic, become a master chef is one of famous television programs and many a lot of people attracted to watch the TV.

Many television programs such as Indonesian Idol, Indonesia Mencari Bakat (IMB), X Factor Indonesia, and many more.

For people who can make lough anyone in this planet, please welcome to join Stand Up Comedy. Wich one of you have a beautiful voice, please join in IMB, or Idol, or X Factor, etc.

If you have unique skill such that, if you want to be a famous person, if you want to live better, and if you want to make an instan money, why don’t you try that one.

Courge is all you need if you want to be a better man. Popularity is in your hand if you can face and make it goal for anything in front of you.

But remember, pray and effort is the most thing that you have to do first. Remember that everything that you do, cann’t be done if you do it seriously and focus.

Focus focus and focus is important  thing that you must do, stop dreaming get action. Dreams is only just a dream, and dreams never change to reality if you not act.

Stop dreaming, don’t think instantly, don’t judge people by it’s cover, and don’t let other people trough your step. Make a change, make it happens, and change you’re self for better life future.

Rise your body, rise your hands, do something better, do something good for nation, for all people. And for brighter future. Get started from you , I, they, him, his, and her.

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