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3 reasons why Dahlan Iskan deserve to be president

3 reasons why Dahlan Iskan deserve to be the next Indonesian President in 2014

Many spectacular achievements were successfully etched Dahlan Iskan since he still run as PLN president director and now serves as the Minister of SOEs. He managed to break the deadlock and bureaucratic rigidity. Simplify the real issues involved and provide a solution. Dahlan Iskan also the type of leader who successfully raises public empathy and boldly executed.

Why Dahlan Iskan deserve to  be the next Indonesian President 2014? There is a Three Reason according to one of good articles in kompasiana who wrote by Zamzani Sutriyanto.

First, Dahlan Iskan, the only non-party presidential candidate who has a real mass large enough. So when Dahlan Iskan named the winner of Democrats convention, supporters of Dahlan Iskan community will vote for the Democrats in the legislative elections. Aim to capture candidates who have a track record clean and not corrupt, competent and integrity can be achieved. Similarly, the purpose of raising the image and electability Democrats also met.

Second, Dahlan Iskan, the only figure that is expected to be offset Jokowi, if Jokowi PDI-P was carried forward into the 2014 presidential candidates. Dahlan Iskan and Jokowi both have a same habit (go down), populist and earned public empathy. However, opportunities Jokowi in-capreskan PDI-P is relatively small. Hampered by Megawati blessing and promises when campaigning. When it Jokowi promised to finish the job being governor for 5 years and will not nominate in 2014. If Jokowi not nominated, chances Dahlan Iskan for winning the election will be more wide open.

Third, based on the results of a survey the National Survey Institute (LSN) on May 1 to 10 2013 in the 33 provinces, the public considers that as SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan has the best performance. Dahlan Iskan (20.4 percent), Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi (14.2 percent) and the Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan (11.8 percent). In addition, the survey categories of alternative candidates, Dahlan Iskan perched at the top with 17.1 percent of the vote. The survey was released by pollsters Jakarta (LSJ), conducted on 4 February to 16 March 2013 with an amount of 1,225 respondents in 33 provinces in Indonesia.

Dahlan Iskan managed to revive some of the formerly state-owned company has been dormant. PT. Indonesian Aerospace, Letjes Paper Factory, and a sugar mill. Then build a toll on the sea in Bali, initiated a national electric car, the idea of printing fields, planting tropical fruit, and many accomplishments he was able to give yourself.

Later appearing on the friction issue with the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises Ministry else. But I believe, it's all in the control and knowledge of SBY. Can be SBY is testing Dahlan Iskan managerial skills and how he was looking for a way out of a twist such cases Mahakam Block, Sumatra highway, monorail, and the Sunda Strait Bridge.

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