Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

A Heavy Rainstorm In Toronto

What would you do if you see a huge disaster in some other place? If you don’t have anything to giving, give them a pray. In America, precisely in Toronto City. The city has been a huge destruction. A huge disaster cause by a heavy rainstorm. A heavy rainstorm has left some 300,000 people without any hopeless and flooded all parts of Canada’s city according to BBC news.

According statement from BBC news, The rain flooded some primary roads and subway stations, causing traffic chaos. Many people can not leave the house because it flooded.

Some officials says that more than 90mm (3.5in) of water height dumped on the city late on Monday. Hundreds of passengers had to be evacuated on police boats because they were stranded for several time on flooded commuter train.

Water levels rose so high on the rush-hour at Richmond Hill train so that passengers fled to the upper decks.

Jonah Cait had just wrote on twitter according to BBC newsreport, he and with several passengers were stuck in commuter train because there’s a full-on river side of them.

The Porte Airlines had cancelled all Monday’s flights schedule and all reservation flights ticket to and from Toronto, Canada’s due to the unlikely violent of weather.

The unstable and violent weather make their Toronto Mayor Rob Ford argued people to get stay inside their home, and warning them to expect more heavy rainstorms.

The flooding is had been a major problem in all over the world, we have to realize that The Earth had  slightly unstable.

What should we do for better world? We have to do something good for new green peace, new green garden, new green room for their breath. And we have to pray for them, for other people who had been trouble, and for better world.

Source : BBC

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