Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

A Legendary Hero of all time

How to be a man of steel? Isn’t a game boy, or a Barbie that you can shake her body. Is not about want to be or how to be. Man of steel is in the movie right now in 2013. Man of steel is a super hero that come to us to keep the world save from a bad guy, bad robot, bad loser, and bad alien from another palnet.

Man of steel is not a man with full of steel costume in his body, is not a Robocop who built from a steel, is not a transformer, and he is not a iron man. He is a super hero who came from planet unnamed, he came to earth because his planet are in a big bang. Only he who save from that planet.

Called man of steel, because he have a super power in all over his body. He can run faster just like Formula one super car, he can fly high and faster like a stealth, he can move a big truck just with her finger like a Hulk, and he can firing and burning the house by a laser from it’s eyes. Man of stell known as a Super Man in this century.

Man of steel is an American super hero who become a hero for people of America, and always be a legendary hero of all time. He is have a Super Duper Power beyond humanity, beyond your imagination.

A new Super Man has Return, you must watch this movie in all over cinema, don’t miss it out because he just passing by, not to stay for a while.

What is your Super Hero? My Super Hero is Super Man in my dreams and in my imagination. But, in the reality, in the real life, my super hero is my mom and she has gone long time ago but she always be a legendary hero of all time.

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