Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Ahead Of The Arrival Liperpool

After diving the match against Arsenal, according to Pikiran Rakyat news today, the Indonesian senior national team were in preparation for direct next match against Liverpool, July 20 at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) Senayan, Jakarta.

To complete the strength of the squad, the coach Jacksen F. Tiago will return to revamp the player.
"We're still going to face a team that has a European level far above us, the hard way but this part of efforts to form a solid team that advanced ahead of the Asian Cup qualifying," he said at a press conference after the match between Arsenal Dream Team against Indonesia on Sunday (7/14/2013) ago.

Of the names of the existing admitted Jacksen actually already have a schematic representation of the player to be chosen for PPA, but will consider it again because he could make the team more stronger. Therefore he called about four to five more players to be included in preparations against Liverpool.

"Changes in the composition there, by calling another four to five more players to enter in preparation. With the influx of players, there are consequences to removing some of the players. Our goal is to build a strong team for the composition and the proper teams, because from every defeat we learn, "added Jacksen.

Results match against Arsenal yesterday also be an evaluation for the younger players who lowered. Indeed, yesterday, at the time of the match, Jacksen seen doing a lot of changes in his squad. Of the names she called almost every play.

"I have a greater knowledge of the players after the game. These young players but we will evaluate again whether it would be prepared again in the next game or not," he said.

If you see the games yesterday, the appearance of Indonesia against the Dutch was better, because the senior national team and the strength of young players join. However, the match against Arsenal we’ve crushed, because I change the position is like to try young players, it is a lot more young players are derived.

Now ahead of the match against Liverpool, Jacksen claimed his first task is to raise the players back mentally after a crushing defeat 0-7 from The Gunner’s, yesterday.

"With a lot of young strength, mental certainly be one of the special attention that must be addressed. Without good mentality, confidence in the players in the field certainly can not be obtained and it will affect the game," said Jacksen.

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