Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

American Super Hero

This one of American Super Hero called Spider Man. A Spider man is the man when he was young his hand bited by a wild spider in his college laboratory. The effect of spider bit turn his body become a strenghtfull and the spider give a huge power beyond limit, beyond your imagination.

After pass in his college and growth like a man, his power energy also growth fast just like a spider. He can jump very very high that even an ordinary man cann’t do that. He can swinging her body up in to the air just like a spider do. He can move a huge car just with his hand of spider.

Spider man is one of American Super Hero who is like a spider. Called super hero because when he act like a spider, he always saving the world who is in a big big trouble and needed his help.

Why a Spider Man was born in America? Why he doesn’t born in Italia or England? If he born in Arabian Night, he is act not like a spider. If he was born in Saudi Arabia, his works double, first, he has to be a hero to save the world. Second, he has to be a cleaning service because Masjidil Haram (Mecca) needed a super hero to keep it holy and cleaned.

If Spider Man born in Saudi Arabia, he has no room and great building to swing it up in to the air. Arab is full of desert, there is no time to swing, there is no time to jump all over it.

If spider man born in Italy, maybe he is not a super hero, he become a Super Chef. Yeah, beside do saving the world, he has a new job for his career, cooking a delicious spaghetti and pizza to keep it food become a pavorite in all over the world.

If Spider man born in Franch, may be his work is to protect the Eiffel tower from hands of terrorist.

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