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Bill Gates Quotes Review: Born In Poverty

Bill Gates: "If you are born in poverty, it is not your fault, but if you were to die in poverty, it is your fault."

William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, producer of computer software for which a subscription as richest man in the world.

Bill Gates is currently estimated to have a wealth of 72.7 billion U.S. dollars. Imagine how richest. Where wealth will certainly continue to grow because of the software that produced Microsoft still will use people around the world.

Listen to what his said Gates, that was born in poverty is not our fault. That means no need to regret and blame anybody. Just accept it.

But when we later died in poverty was clearly the fault of our own. What does that mean? The sign we did not try as much as possible with all the potential that we have to be rich.

Born in a poor state, does not actually make us poorer lifetime. May be poor in material things. But it should not be poor in heart problems. We still can enrich themselves by doing good.

Just as Bill Gates who understand the importance of enriching the heart by setting up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is active in charitable and social.

The Foundation was founded with the aim to combat poverty, improve the quality of education, and develop research to combat AIDS.

We can do that by helping a fellow of the little things that are around us.

Once again, born into poverty is not a mistake. If we consider it as a mistake, then we will blame and assume no injustice.

When that happens there will be a justification for our poverty to commit crimes for the sake of evil. If that's the case and there is no self-awareness. Forever we will live in poverty. Poor material and poor liver. Would not it be sad?

Die in poverty and there is no material reward truly become human catastrophe. Hopefully not happen to us.

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