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Candidate For Vice President Of Indonesia 2014

Jokowi indeed phenomenal. His ability in the lead city of Jakarta within few recent months make all the folk fell in liver and idolized he. Not only residents of the capital alone who sympathetic and hailing name of Jokowi. Folk outside Jakarta else very hope Jokowi become candidate leader of nation of Indonesia fore.

Flavors sympathetic and fall in love against one of the leaders this phenomenal evidenced by Survey Candidate of President from stronghold PDI-P (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan) which in was held by Survey Institute the National (LSN).

Figured phenomenal Governor of DKI Jakarta this won the most votes to 68.1 percent, while Megawati itself grabbing 14.9 percent of the vote. Jokowi Figures are very high compared General Chairman PDI-P Megawati Soekarno Putri.

According to researchers LSN Gema Nusantara in Hotel Kemang Jakarta, "These results proves that the Jokowi is more unseeded public to go forward become Candidate for President from PDI of Struggle on 2014 Presidential Election the upcoming compared Chairman of Generally its own."

The results of Vote Results Survey of LSN election of candidate presidential of stronghold PDI-P as follows:
  1. Jokowi (68.1 percent)
  2. Megawati (14.9 percent)
  3. Puan Maharani (1.5 percent)
  4. Rano Karno (1.4 percent)
  5. Rieke Diah Pitaloka (1.4 percent)
  6. Ganjar Pranowo (1,1 percent)
  7. Budiman Sudjatmiko (0.9 percent)
  8. Maruarar Sirait (0.4 percent)
  9. Terrace Narang (0.2 percent),
  10. Tjahjo Kumolo (0.2 percent).
  11. Golput (Not choose whom-whom) as much as 8.1 percent.

Surveys LSN conducted on date of May 1 to 10 2013 in the 33 provinces throughout Indonesia with respondents as many as 1,230 person. The results of surveys is equipped with qualitative research the form of analysis media of a number of newspapers. This survey also has margin of error amounted to 2.8 percent and at the confidence level amounted to 95 percent.

However, on a survey Candidates who conducted LSN times this, name of Jokowi were completely excluded. The reason, Jokowi does not entered inside the structure elite Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P). The results of survey of Capres structural else excelled by Prabowo Subianto (Party Gerindra), Aburizal Bakrie (Party Golkar), and Wiranto (Party Hanura).

Source: Kompas

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