Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Good Will Hunting

What happen if you are smart, if you are to smart in mathematic. You can solve very difficult algorithm mathemathic. You should be work in NSA or MIT (Massauchet Institute of Technology) with the huge salary and all of good facility.

You are never be so smart if you not choose that one.  An extra ordinary people like you should be a succesfull person in life. So why don’t you pick your choice right now, owh I know it, there is no chance to work out there. No chance because you hide, you hiding from it, so why don’t you explore the internet to prove it that you deserve work better than now.

Feeling  guilty about the past, abandon by other people, and afraid of being succeded is just only your tiny darkside your heart who not want you to become a good person. What should you do if your heart full of dark and frighten?

You should communicate with your friend, your parents, and especially with the man knows what life it is such as a psycholog or pshyciatry. The important thing in you is communication. If you have done it so your heart will be gratefull and you are feel become someone new. That is used how communicating works.

Have you ever been watch this good movie, “Good will Hunting” by Miramax Film. Mat dammon who act as Will, he have a gift, he is a genius because he can solve any case of mathematics theory. He also know a lot of life from all of book he readed it. Will is a genius person and he is young (20 years old).

But he is afraid of, afraid of being abandon by her friend, being dishumiliation, being a success. He liks to live alone. He often go back in a jail because he is wild and destruction. So what happen next to Will?
You better check and watch that movie, very good movie because many advise and positive thing that you can take in real life. This movie teach us a friendship, a respecting each other, and appreciating the innovation.

Good movie that showed you how to encouraging yourself so that you can succed in your future. This movie teach us not to be ashame for being communicate with a good people who can rise up your spirit. This isn’t a bad movie because teach you how to be a good man for better world.

If the professor doesn’t have a sense of sociality, maybe Will not become a good Will. If you are that professor, there are a lot of thing to do to make a better world, a better future, a smarted generation for a perfect world.

Do small thing can make a big change for them, do the right thing can make them lough. So many of them who infected deases, hunger, and prosperity. Why we are blind eyes, why we are have notgive a sense of pride to them.

Do the right and positive thing for better world and for better future..

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