Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

How to become a Pro-Blogger

Many of them have always said that you are "good" writer, and you've thought about becoming the next popular writer. Perhaps might be you would become the next J.K Rowling (Famous Harry Potter’s), or the next Darren rowes (Probloggger)? To get there, you have to be great, not just good.

It takes times to be a great deal, need more lot of practice, of course, but there are many ways you can improve and become the writer you want to be.But, if you are a blogger, become a “good” blogger same as like become a “good” writer.

Why Darren Rowes become a succed in internet? He’s blog view his writings to thousands of million. But, why my blogs view can be counted on the fingers, tens, dozens, or hundreds of the top.

Has it crossed your mind? (Of course it never crossed my mind). If ever, it is humane, common, understandable.

The purpose and goals of each person write on social media can indeed vary. But, one thing I’ve learned, that a “good” writer or blogger is never stop to learn and practice.

There have been many tips suggested by previous authors, how to get rich click on view, from the conventional tips to tips controversial.

His review also varied, from the point of view of the quality of writing through social etiquette (greeting each other, appreciate each other, talk to each other).One thing I've learned here, not a writer writing may not be viewed (view), there must be seen, at least by one man who wrote it.

Seeing is not necessarily read. If one person, namely the author, read his writing in earnest, and can apply as writing, even a better effect than writings, it was more than enough.

Being a good writer and take a lot of view need times, need a proceed, and need sacrifice to become popular.

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