Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

How To Choose The Best Smart Phone

In this day, everywhere in every country many people are talking about an interesting topic namely smart phone. Which one better than the other Blackberry (BB), Android, Or iPhone.

There are many things that they are discussing such as, what is smart phone? What are the benefits and the risks of a smart phone? And the last they are talking about which one is better and should we choose?

Before we answer the title or the last question, better for us if we know what is the smart phone? And what are the benefits and the risks of the smart phone?

Smartphone is interesting to talk since the raising of Blackberry, that Smartphone can do more than hand phone in general. For example they have internet connection faster than the other hand phone, or they have a good security to protect the data, or they have many special applications.  

From the articles “Six reasons to leave BB” We can get the weaknesses of BB but we don’t get the peculiar features of BB. So the reader will not have any objective information from this article.

Because it is possible that the man who has written this article is the man who use the other hand phone or he/she has interest to raise  the brand of the others hand phone or he/she wants to let down BB’s brand.

Based on Tongkonanku.com BB has some peculiar features for example we can relax about our data that we have or what we share because BB has  an independent network. Beside that BB has system full backup/recover data so if we lost our data we can get easily the data what we need. And the other hand phone don’t have yet this feature.

Smartphone of Android or Apple has many of applications but they have also the weakness in data security. Based on sanikaizen.blogspot.com many users of android and iphone  often lost their data and get many viruses.

But the last the writer wants to say choose the smart phone based on need and your finance ability to make that hand phone useful for you.

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