Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Make a Better World

The rain never stop anger, The deases never give enough space to live well, The tsunami never stop crushing the pirates, The mountain never care about love and respect. It is all case because of me, and you, and a greedy people.

What happen if the Earth ended? What happen if the Earth so dark and frightening? What happen if the Earth blows up? And what happen if the Earth crushing the Mars? The life will be ended right now.

No more love, no more hope, no more loughing children, no more beautiful Sunshine, no more luxurious car, no more beautiful the sound of music, no more lies, no more robbery, no more sexy lady, no more friendship, no more family, and no one can save from the end of the day.

The Earth will end when a good people was die, the Earth will lefted by a good man, a good woman, and a good heart. Just a bad guy, a greedy people who took it for himself. The Earth would be ended after Earth become a big fat ugly Panda.

As long as a good people live in, the Earth would not be end, you can still take a breath deep. But, if not live in, just wait and see.

Who is a good people? The man who have a sense of humanity, the man which have a sense of belonging, and a man who acted not only for herself. A good man knows how to share, how to love, and how to giving.

Giving them a sense of pride, a sense of love, and a sense of carryng with other. I know there so many a good man who still live in this marvelous planet, so why don’t you just joined with them. There are much time to do the right thing.

A good heart is needed on this planet to make a peaceful, to make a chance to live and breath well. A good heart never look a negative thing of her enemy, he always take a positive thing even if she was an enemy.

Who will save this planet if is not you and me and a good people.

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