Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

Rooney Ready To Leave Manchester United

Speculation about Wayne Rooney future's in Manchester United is getting hotter. This Manchester United striker is reportedly upset with the club and reinforce his intention to leave.

Rooney rift with the club and Moyes, would provide fresh air for some of Europe's elite clubs. Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid will involved in fierce tranfers battle when United decided to remove 27-year-old striker.

United's new coach David Moyes is said to be the trigger. Yesterday, the successor to Sir Alex Ferguson said that Rooney would be "ideal coating for Robin van Persie".

Rooney reportedly disappointed and angry with the club is judged no longer count on as a mainstay player. This refers to the recent statement of The Red Devils new coach, David Moyes said if Rooney would be a coating for Robin van Persie.

Suddenly the comment was made Rooney frustrated and angry, because he felt it deserved to be treated better. With the devotion he made during the last nine years, Wazza feel deserve entrusted as the main option, instead of a spare tire.

"Rooney is believed that he was at the peak of his career, and did not want to be a player that is rotated or spare anyone at Old Trafford. He believes there is no more to prove after nine successful years at Old Trafford, he said, as quoted by Tribalfootball, Wednesday (17/07/2013).

According to the Daily Mail, Rooney will write a formal letter to the management that essentially ask him for sale. This was done striker 27 years was when still under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson, a few years ago. However, at that time discouraged Rooney finally gets to leave because of a wave of protests from fans.

United themselves reportedly ready to release Rooney. However, as far as the 27-year-old did not write the letter of request for sale, then the club would not sell it. Although sold, stronghold United reportedly will not sell Rooney to rival clubs such as Chelsea or Arsenal are indeed expressed interest in him.

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