Kamis, 11 Juli 2013

School of Rock

School of rock is the place for rocker mania, the place for rock musician, the place to explore all of your music skills and music a knowledgement. School of rock is a school music education to develop the youth wich have a talent in rock music.

Many celebrity and musician who become a rockstar and have many fans in all around the world. Rockstar who become a popular in the world until now such as Rock Band like Gun’s and Roses, Mettalica, Ax7 (Sevenfold), Incubus, Jamrud, and many moore.

Rockstar is on the planet right now and always will be. Rockstar who become a legend is like a Queen (Freedi Mercury) with the popular song “we are the champion.”

School of rock is the house of rock, school of rock is the right place for rock mania and all the rock lovers. School of rock is belong to you if you are the rock man. Maybe you should go to the school of rock if you are headach, or you are alcoholic, or a drunk.

Might be your matter, your hurt can healed in this place. The place of heal, the place of metal music, the place of drunken master, the place of hardcore, and the place of sacrifice of love.

The music of rock is hard, is jerk, good jerk, the music of rock is hard beat, need doble speaker to make the sound seems so high. Tha’ts the school of rock.

If you feel like a man not a woman, if you love this hardcore, if you love your pet animal, if you love your secretary, if you love your uncle, if you love your wife friend, and if you love your world, your rock world, come to papa man, come to the school of happinest.

Come to the school of rock, you will get what you want. Just visited me in your dreams so you can kiss your mama. Keep peace and love for rock man. The school of rock is closer.

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