Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

The Law Of Attraction

Are you love hurt? Or failed in love relationship? Are you tired to love someone else? Love easy come easy go just like a song. Pretty woman, sexy lady, charming girl, and all beautiful is hardly believe to get closer. 

Maybe this time I told you about rules, the rules of attraction or it used to call The Law Of Attraction in Love live, love woman, love family, love environment, and love of the beautiful world.

The law of attraction is simply to learn by you, and me, and other. There is three thing to do for making a good relationship in love and life. If you enjoy life so you will enjoy in love and happinest. If you failed in love so you will fail in life nevertheless the monk. The monk or sufi in Islamic religion, or Pastor.

But, for all mankind, or regular people such like me and you who want to be happy in life. There are three things to do in circle The Law Of Attraction, such as:

Kindness, a relationship is about sharing happinest, share the wealth for other poor people who close to you. Kindness is such a hard or easy thing for you? If you choose the easy thing, then your life will be happinest ever after.

The truth of live is share love and respect. If you share love for other, then others will love you back. Have a thousand friend and family is more better. Life will loves you, family, your environment, your neighbor, your girlfriend, and your nation will love you. Making a friendship and family is no boundaries.

The last of The Law of Attraction but not least is Courage and self confident. The matter thing is you, the important thing is you, the actor is you, the main idea is you. You are the captain for the journey of your life. What would you become is depend on how courage is you? Self confident  for making decision maker.

So if you failed in love and life, The Law Of Attraction teach you to become a braveheart. There is many ways to do the right thing. Choose the important thing. If you failed, arise and do it again, if you failed again, don’t ever stopped. Never give up is the only way to do the right thing.

The Law of attraction is for the people who want to be an ordinary people, who want to be a hero, who want to be a brave man, and for people who want to be in love and life.

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