Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

The Power Of Action

My dear friends, let me advise you this hope we can be good together.

Padlocks are rarely used would be faster than the rusty padlock which is often used, stagnant water will be more easily damaged than the water flowing, active body will be easier to fit than the body you've always passive.

Moving is the thing that makes our earth is still there, imagine if we stop earth to rotate or evolved a second. What will happen? In the future there will be collision-collision outstanding terrific, or unbalance what is on the surface and inside the earth.

In fact, according to a study in Japan, if you are stressed do not know what you should do, do what you can do then it will begin to be open what you should do. Next live just do it because it will be lighter, weighing it at the beginning. In physics, every object, including humans have inertia properties, properties that tend to be silent or retain its original position, but once he moves would be less personnel needed to move it. Be still, which makes us stress, hush that makes us not get ahead.

Funny thing is, not many people want to be rich, noble, or have a lot of companies, but the execution of only silent, he wanted to sleep ..... literacy suddenly rich. So? Funny is not it? Hehe ...

"Allah will not change the condition of a people before the change itself" Imagine that! God forbid himself up to reward those who strive, then who can overturn the ban on God for himself. 

Whatever you want to do yourself a favor, work, pray and start acting. Even if you do not know what you should do, but what you do is good of the goodness that will show the way. Act, because it would open the way that has not been seen.

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