Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

The Secret Film

The bigfat  furious five in this world has arrived in 2013. The big five or you can called the coolest five movie in all over the world. If you choose one, you will get two ticket travel bonuses in your daily life. 

If you are not in one of it furious five, you will be kicked from this planet so you can go to Barsoom (Mars). Just say it three times “Och, Ohem, Ocktei,weiss..  Barsoom …”

Haha.. it’s like a words in John Carter Movie, Yeah that’s cool movie. I watch ten times, and it’s always awesome movie. But, I like his dog, the dog is so funny and move very fast just like the time machine, The dog run so fast just like a starship trooper.

Anyway, the big fat boy has arrived. The big fat boy is on this planet, he strong, he’s kungfu skill is awesome, he’s so funny, he is a big fat panda, the dragon warrior who become a legend. He’s a hero in his valey. The big fat panda is the greatest kungfu skill in Kungfu Panda Movie. I love, my son also love too, and my family wacth it seven times and not bore because this movie is awesome.

In John Carter movie so you can see the dog with the fast move and run like to fas and furious car movie. In this film, you can also see the funniest dog and awesome. He just have three leg but also run so fast. He is a pet animal who just like dr. Oz because his name is Ozzy. This movie is very good and I like it, Epic 2013, don’t you ever miss this movie

If John Carter making war in Barsoom, this movie is so high class because his war is on the internet, the world of Oz. Who else if is not a “Summer Wars” movie. This is to good movie because the communication between all of the people is needed even if in this globally era. But, don’t forget to feed up your family because the hunger is on the way.

The last but not least, the Rouroni Kenshin movie series. This movie is awesome, just like the cartoon movie. Kenshin want to stop this battousai habbit by kill all the innocent people with his katana sword. If you want to watch it, so you must have it because this 2013 big fat furious movie can change your life.

Can change your life and always change to be better and better for tomorrow. So don’t miss it out.

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