Minggu, 14 Juli 2013

What Women Want

What do you want to be? Become a super star, a rich guy, a king, a hero, and become a most popular guy in all over the world. I think all man seems to be like that, including me.

Become a super star is awesome, become a rich guy is all I wanna be.. but it’s all just a dreams, a dreams that will never be come true if you do nothing, if you don’t do anything right, if you not act right now. So it’s all just ever a dreams.

What woman want? Have a rich husband, have a beautiful face and sexiest body so all of man can attracted by you. Become a trendsetter and always show up in all cover magazine. But, beyond of all, woman in her life just want to be a good wife for her graet family.

So what man want? All of man seems want to have a lot of women to fullfil his life. All man seems want to be a rich guy, so he can travelling around the world, he can buy anything he want, he can buy a big house with pool, he can buy a luxurious car, and he can buy an island that he want to. But, beyond off that stuff, all man want to have a good husband for his georgeous family.

All of those thing, all of those want, all of those stuff needed a big big cash money to completely marvelous life. If you don’t have such money, so you cann’t be a hero, you cann’t be a good wife, you cann’t be a good husband, you cann’t be a king,  and you cann’t buy anything you likes. Money is like a guardian angel, money likes a godest thing that you depend of.

It’s all about the money just like song singing by Meja. If you have a money, of you are a rich man, and if you are a king, don’t waste your money for negative thing, share it with anyone who realy realy needed. Many poor people around the world who struggling with hunger and deases. They are cryng all the time because of it. You can stop them from deases, from cryng, and give them a smile.

A smile for better world, for better future. Share the money and anything you can do to encouraging them and bring them a better world even if your effort was small. A small if united can be a bigger. So make the world be better than tomorrow for you and for me and the entire world.

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