Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Who Owned The Life Of Perfection

Proverb says "There is no ivory who doesn’t cracked" or if  the cleric often say "lack of human and perfection belongs only to God" which roughly translates to no man in this world is perfect  and it is true.

Sometime, we as a human often try to cover up the deficiencies that exist within us, it was a natural thing to me, indeed everyone would want to look perfect in the eyes of others even if it's an impossible thing.

Allah Most Perfect of all perfect nature, man is a creature that has the properties of weaknesses and shortcomings as creatures of Allah, because the human body has physically abusive to obey and comply with the harshest laws that will comply with the laws of space and time time.

The human mind is influenced by two forces which is good and bad, so when it is said that; human beings are not perfect because of the reality, the man is always there in two opposite conditions .. Even this applies to all creatures of Allah.

So as the creature has no attributes of perfection, and that perfection belongs only to the Creator (Almighty) Allah SWT alone, for He will not experience or affected by the conditions of nature His creation, and He is the Most owners of all properties perfection.

Any creature even angels, they are still creatures at any time be required by the circumstances created or desired by the owner of Allah, that the angels or the corporeal beings will experience the subtle imperfections like death.

According of Islam, there will come one day after the big apocalypse process ... and the natural occurrence of mass mortality for all human. Then, all humans and most other organisms will be revived to take the natural perfection of natural immortality.

Where the natural conditions will not be subject to the transitory nature of the eternal (everlasting) will not be damaged and destroyed or lost. Except of Allah wills, because He created everything on this Earth and all of the galaxy.

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